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Monday, October 31, 2011


yummy dessert from my daughter's wedding
I have not felt very well for the past two days. It is a stomach bug that kept me quiet enough to read some books, watch light TV  and think about a lot of things.  I have been thinking about the  recent nor easter that wreaked havoc last weekend. I  heard someone say that it was more difficult to deal with this storm  than Hurricane Irenc. My sister up in Maine said that she used to think that living  with New Jersey's weather was much easier than Maine's deep freeze. After this weekend, she then said not any more .
  We have had floods, tornadoes, deep freezes, massive snows, and hurricanes, especially in the past year.  Then I think about all of the economic  and health struggles that we face every day. My husband  pays our exorbitant  health insurance premiums   and it is a monthly challenge. Just ask him.   My private practice sessions vary from week to week as well due to the consequences of the economy, the weather and many other variables.
So what is stable from moment to moment. What  is able to get us  through the moments, days and weeks of uncertainty?  And that would be gratitude. Gratitude shifts us from going down the rabbit hole with despair to remembering that many things are actually  quite good in our lives.  This dessert from 9 months ago still has my mouth watering when I think about it. The previous picture of Pixie looking so  proud and strong makes me feel great.  Gratitude is always available to us. If you experiment with a daily gratitude journal, try keeping it up fro one month to see if it works for you.
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