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Monday, April 18, 2011

body pain and myofascial release

 ahh relaxation
 I have recently discovered a wonderful Physical Therapist  who is located In Hamilton, NJ. He uses a form of myofascial massage and gentle exercise  which is simply lovely to experience. I just came back from my second session with Kevin Koob and I already feel energized and  I am starting  to visualize a future with less body pain. This is saying a great deal. Since I had my first in a series of five car accidents when I was in my twenties and they have  left me with increasing  neck and low pain . I have sought out a variety of healers, including Rolfing, chiropractic care, acupuncture, polarity massage, etc. over many years.

this little light of mine

small penquin light !
I woke up this morning remembering a song that we would sing around the campfire at Girl Scout camp. This Little Light Of Mine. I  just remember sitting around the camp fire at Quidnunc ,NY and singing this song with my friends in the smoky air at night. I loved campfires and being outside. I think my favorite child hood memories revolve around girl scout camps. There was an amazing feeling of well being as we all sang together.
Sometimes, our world is so difficult to deal with. IT is moving so quickly and with so many things to attend to that  we forget the importance of tending to our own light and well being.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

are men or women to blame for this crazy world?

Holy Max (a beautiful angelic dog)
This morning I watched a beautiful  youtube video called Dear Woman  by a group called Consciousmen. video brought tears to my eyes. This group of eloquent men described their part in creating the current state of our world. They stated quite simply that they have witnessed and been the cause of much destruction towards women and our earth. I know in my heart that men are not the sole cause of all of the problems on earth. However, it was touching to hear each man state ownership of his feelings and the vastness of amazing connections that are possible between men and women.