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Friday, June 28, 2013

Gloucester vacation

Gloucester, Ma
I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Mass.  I really like living in NJ most of the time. I have been offered many opportunities for a good life. When I moved East from California about 32 years ago, I was not nearly as gracious about the state. I felt that it was really hard to meet new people and that it took years to make friends.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's not my fault...

Dragon breath
Bear with me while I write out loud what I have been thinking about. Recently, I remembered a childhood story that brought up the feelings of everything is my fault.  At sixteen, my mother remarried and the family moved out of Brooklyn to Rockland County, NY. It was a very difficult move especially since I was beginning my senior year in the suburbs.... Anyway, there was a rather steep hill outside of our new home and my parents brought us a tobaggan. During one of the first big snows, my sister and I got on the tobaggan at the top of the hill after watching all of the local kids whiz down it.  I did not want to go down but one of the adults said that it would be fine.

What am I afraid of? It is not just the toboggan. Part 2

We don't trust ourselves. I did not trust myself to say no to the tobaggan run that day. I have second guessed myself and everyone around me for a very long time and it t is time to stop.  It  is true that it isn't easy to be authentic in this world and really share what we feel and think. However, everything else brings us too much stress and unhappiness.
Interesting link by Pema Chodren titled What am I afraid of?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

All You Need is Love and Global Warming

purple iris
It is so hot right now in the North East. It is too early for such intense heat and  everyone is beating themselves up by using the buzzword of global warming right now. The weather   is definitely about what we have been doing or not  been doing for our planet in the past fifty years. And, it is not helpful to beat ourselves up about it.