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Monday, April 18, 2011

this little light of mine

small penquin light !
I woke up this morning remembering a song that we would sing around the campfire at Girl Scout camp. This Little Light Of Mine. I  just remember sitting around the camp fire at Quidnunc ,NY and singing this song with my friends in the smoky air at night. I loved campfires and being outside. I think my favorite child hood memories revolve around girl scout camps. There was an amazing feeling of well being as we all sang together.
Sometimes, our world is so difficult to deal with. IT is moving so quickly and with so many things to attend to that  we forget the importance of tending to our own light and well being.
I would like to offer you an image that might help to  brighten your own inner light today.  Please start by being conscious of your breathing and then take a square breath. A square breath is simply imagining a square of breathing. You breathe in for the count of five, hold it for five, breathe out for five and no breath for five.Please breathe this way for 3 cycles. Then keeping your eyes closed, imagine that you are sitting near  a campfire in your favorite spot in nature. You are feeling the warm glow of the fire and the comraderie of friends on your left and right. All of a sudden there is a spontaneous urge to sing "let this little light of mine shine" and any other sings that you love . You sing it with all of you heart and then you feel  like you have ignited a sparkler inside of you. You feel all tingly and warm. You look up and meet everyone's gaze and you remember how good it feels to be alive.
Enjoy your day.
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