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Sunday, August 6, 2017

California Dreaming

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During the 1970"s, I lived in the bay area for about 6 years.  It was  definitely a unusual and exciting time. What made it special were the people, the creativity  and the newness of thinking out of the box. The fifties and early sixties was  so very predictable and stable.  I remember feeling that I would suffocate if I stayed in the East Coast and got married as many of my friends were doing. So when I went out to Ca, I had options that were unavailable back East. I was able to express more of who I was through music, art, living situations, relationships, food, classes and traveling. Its hard to imagine that I felt that my only employment options were to become a Physical Therapist or a Teacher. Relationships options were to marry or date in order to get married. Food was very bland and uninspiring.
In California, there were so many more options and we were so  high on those choices. ......
There was magic in the air and  all things were possible. There was an openness that was delicious.