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Sunday, July 17, 2011

angel talk

vermont bird house
Since my last post,  some things have been coming into clearer focus in my life. I have said for a very  long long time that we all have many gifts. Often we focus upon the gifts of abundance and health. However there are many more gifts that we can offer. For some people, they are very good listeners. Folks tell me all of the time that  people are always sharing their problems with them. Others are fantastic at numbers, they can look at numbers and it makes beautiful sense to them. I have discovered that I have a gift for talking to  my spiritual guides. I feel that I have ignored what they were saying for many years because I doubted that I could ever do this. Now, I am beginning to  trust my  gift.

Almost everyday, I wake up and sit with my  spiral bound notebook and wait for their  voices. I have no idea if it is one guide or many but I do know that I feel so much more peaceful after the communication. I was inspired to write about this after I read a personal  message from Owen Waters. He  writes beautifully about  spiritual topics and our current state of the world
Today, he  shared that he has been on a personal spiritual  journey for many years and has realized that we all have the capacity to tune into our own guides and teachers. I completely believe this and I extend this out to all of us. We all have the inherent abilities to tune into master guides and teachers to help us and those that we love to become easier and more loving.
I will begin including the angel talks  in my blog as is appropriate and timely. I ask that the words be received with the same  kindness and grace as they are  given to me. Sit and listen, you may be surprised at what you hear.
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