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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring and new thoughts of gratitude

Spring and my birthday come at the same time. There is usually some kind of rebirth ritual that I witness in my self. Some years, I have a physical event, such as a fall or an illness. This year it feels like an emotional/spiritual awakening.

I had a dream on the eve of the spring equinox that seemed to epitomize the event. I was pausing before a very old house which seemed to have very wide doors and windows, in some disrepair. As I was stepping into the doorway, a woman appeared. I asked if I might enter and she said yes. She also said that I would need to meet the horses that live here. I was a bit nervous but I said yes that I would do that.

Upon entering, I saw several horses coming to greet me. My eyes settled upon a short gray horse, not young at all. He looked at me and asked if he might give me an head massage. I immediately answered yes if he would be gentle. With his eyes, he assured me that he would. I stepped towards him and turned my back so that my head was near his mouth. He gently bit the four corners of the back of my head. As he touched the last corner, I remembered a physical pain that I had felt during on of my psychotherapy sessions. Then he gently lifted my head up and I was done.
I remember feeling gifted ,peaceful and grateful.
I have had a long standing fear of the power of horses which began when I was a little girl. As an adult, I know why it all happened and it was time to let it go. The horse bite imbued me with the courage to enter the sacred kingdom of free spiritedness. I have been looking for this place for many years and the gray horse allowed me to enter. Thank you!