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Sunday, October 2, 2011

travels to sedona

I recently visited Sedona, with my wonderful friend, Hathi. We had been planning this vacation for over a year and had some trepidations about the trip. We had both been there before during earlier times in our lives and had mixed memories about the area. As a hippie, in the 70"s,  a  friend and I had traveled in the South west extensively and toured many of the state and national parks while camping. It was a very long time ago and a very different world.

It is funny, when I see the wall street protests, it reminds me of the many protests that took place back then and the incredible passion that was visible. The  big  difference now is that instead of it primarily being young protesters, it is now all ages  and a  diverse variety of social and cultural groups. There is still great passion and I still believe  that we can create a better world together.
I found an interesting link that was written by a journalist in the U.K that you might find interesting . Views of the Wall Street protest from the other side of the pond.

Sedona was wonderful and I have lots of wonderful photographs and stories that I will share over the next few weeks. The energy was wonderful , people were gracious , food was delicious and the night times were challenging.
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