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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nature's gifts

Double rainbow
We were in Sedona at the tail end of the monsoon season(Monsoon season is mid -June to mid September).
I did not know that monsoons came to the mountains of Arizona and we witnessed one the third day that we were there. We had decided to try a GPS tour of the area that would take us to the important sites around the area.By the way, it is actually a great way to see the area as a   first time traveler in Sedona.

That afternoon, we  had visited a number of the  designated sites  on Route 89A   and then it started to rain. It felt like it went from zero to sixty with the intensity of the rain, the black clouds and  hailstones the size of a quarter.We were driving a rental car back to the town and the rocks were already  sliding  down the mountain. We drove back as quickly as we could and sat in the New Frontiers Health food  store ( similar to Whole foods )while the storm passed.  Soon after the rain abated, we were able to see a double rainbow. Apparently, this is one of the gifts that nature gives us  after a monsoon.
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