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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Loving Anxiety

Happy New Year from Charlie
Happy New Year
Although this is not the kind of topic that sounds very hopeful, I hope that you will find some hope in these words. I just finished reading an excellent  article titled Surviving Anxiety,My Anxious, Twitchy, Phobic ( somehow successful) Life by Scott Stossel, editor for the Atlantic Magazine.
Scott  comes out of the closet about his crippling anxiety by detailing how many unsuccessful attempts he made to stop these feelings. He ends up by saying that none of them worked  and in fact he believes that  his anxiety is his strength. Who would he be without his anxiety?

Who would all of us be without our anxiety. Anxiety actually helps us to feel compassion and kindness towards other. Only through our own pain, can we feel the humanity of others.
So take a moment to stop fighting and just accept your  anxious humanity.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Plan Ahead for Love in 2014

Turtle strategy-See opportunities all over the place

Thinking about 2014 and how much you  want to do it differently.  Great, then this is how you might strategize.