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Monday, March 12, 2012

Je vous reviens

dragonfly angels
I dream in French. Often, I hear a word or a phrase and then it is  repeated over and over through out the night. I have been doing this for years. As soon as I awaken, I usually write the phrase in an email to my dear friend Mary and she interprets the french for me. For you see, that although I dream in french, I do not speak the language. In fact, I took High School French and did rather  poorly.
The first word that I  remember hearing  was Abattoir which I believe means a slaughter house. I do not remember the context for that particular word dream but often they have very specific meanings for me.  "Je vous reviens"  came after a wonderful day where I felt profoundly in touch with my spiritual nature.  To me, the words mean I have returned to my connection to all that is, the universe, God or whatever term is useful to describe our greater consciousness.  I truly believe that dreams are the gateway to happiness and self understanding. I love the variety of dreams that I have, especially the word dreams.
Do you have word dreams? Write and let me know as  I would love to hear about them.

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