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Friday, October 7, 2011

Flow and magic

rock face
One of the things that I learned while we were in Sedona was to pay attention to flow. At the beginning of the week, we would talk about our  daily schedule of places to visit. We would start to drive to the locations and usually weather events would detour us and we would end up going somewhere else.
There are so many beautiful places to walk and hike in the area.  So we got used to starting a walk  and then going somewhere else until it stopped raining .  Often, we found  that  the next place was even more magical than the place  where we started . We found beautiful waterfalls, flute players , rock faces, dream catchers,  beautiful vistas and tasty watercress at these unexpected places. One of these places was called Grasshopper Point. We found a great  hike  complete with red rock water, coyote foot prints in the mud and fairies images  in the trees.  As the sun was setting, I received one more gift. I looked up at  the mountain ridge above us and saw this dramatic face  in the rocks.

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