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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Badger energy continues

I have noticed that the badger totem has been a useful symbol for me to use this week. Both in my practice and in my  personal life, we are being called upon to face the messes that we have created. We go day to day and take care of things that are needed but forget the deeper issues. It is easier to just wake up , go to work, eat , go on the  computer, watch TV , sleep  and then begin the schedule all over again.
turtle using charcoal created Sept, 2010
Sometimes, we wait for good things to come in by phone, or email , or text but it seems that we have to take action for things to happen these days. If we want to stop drinking so much then we need to stop buying alcohol, if we want to eat better than we need to buy more fruits and vegetables. We have passed the time   for procrastination and wishing  things would get better. I received an email from my sister in law, Judy the other day.  She is creating an allies list of family and friends to inspire more focused community  activism. I applaud her for taking a stand. ALso, I know someone that does not have a living will and will be calling a lawyer in the next few days to set one up. What is it that you need to do today?               
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