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Thursday, April 26, 2012


 "imagined jungle flower"
 I have another wonderful movie to recommend.  "Chimpanzees" and it  came out in the  theatres last weekend .  It is a mostly unscripted story  of two groups of Chimpanzees living on the Ivory coast  of Western Africa. Everything about the movie is  fantastic. The unexpected story line, the beautiful photography,  Oscar the amazingly resourceful young chimp and  the  deadly beauty of the Ivory Coast.
Most of us will not  be able to travel to the Ivory Coast and that is a good thing for self preservation of the chimps and other native species . However, our ability to see what it is like in the world of these beautiful , caring and intelligent sentient beings is  a spectacular experience.  The making of the movie "Chimpanzee"

The preceding   link is to a youtube video describing the back story of the movie. I am sure that the story of making this movie is much more hair raising then the film makers are letting on.  It is a wonderful movie to ponder what the chimpanzees are wondering about us at the same time that we are wondering about them.
Enjoy the movie in the comfort of civilization while imagining the  true trials of jungle life. If you see the movie by May 4th, Disney makes a donation to the Jane Goodall foundation.

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