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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Courageous Pixie

Pixie has been our family companion  for the past eight years. She came to us as a rescue dog from the Delaware Valley golden  rescue organization in Pa. We waited a year to adopt her and we have been gifted by her presence. I feel that this is the second time that she has been with me in this lifetime. The first time was when I was a child and we only knew her for 1 year.  My husband and I  have heard what she has been  thinking many times. Sometimes, we speak with other animal communicators and sometimes, we allow ourselves to trust what we hear from her.

We learned that her first two years of life were difficult for her  and  this has affected her  health.  By the time that she came to us, she was very shy, digestion was compromised  and  she was wary of strangers and loud noises.  About four years ago, she was diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors which are common to golden retrievers. Our vet suggested that we do surgery and take off the tumor. We chose not to since sometimes  this surgery exacerbates the tumors and they spread more quickly . At that time, we changed her diet to raw meat and veggies . This is a big undertaking since we had two golden retrievers, about 55 pounds each. They  like to eat their two meals every single day. ALso, we tried a variety of healing herbal remedies as well which she tolerated amicably.
After I returned from Sedona on September 19th, it was clear that the tumor had grown larger. I took her into the vet and was told she needed surgery soon. We scheduled the surgery for that  Friday and I cried. Then I called Whitney Taylor, the animal communicator that we work with and scheduled an appointment to talk. We weren't surprised that she already knew about the surgery and was very optimistic that things would go well. Pixie has had her surgery, she has been  healing for about 12 days and is looking forward to running really fast again.
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