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Friday, November 25, 2011

holiday specials

too many choices
I recently sent out an email offering "year end specials "for past life regression  sessions. I love to help folks remember their past life experiences. It is very helpful to clear, heal and shift stuck patterns in relationships at home and at work.  As humans, we become so narrowly focused on trying to make things better that we miss the obvious sources of healing.So I sent this email out about a week ago. Then, I became very aware that everyone  was offering year end specials. There was  a never ending stream of emails offering bargains at 40% or more  off. For the most part, I deleted them since I didn't know what a a special was anymore. How can everything be a special! Or perhaps we are getting much smarter and now know to take more time to consider what is truly valuable.

Then I had to consider that  I did the same thing in my email . I feel  that our habit of buying because we are expected to buy is just not working. If we truly want to walk our talk then we need to be mindful with our purchasing as well. So I will  rethink my year end special email and offer it in the true context of healing  in the new year. Blessings to all.
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