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Monday, January 16, 2012

my favorite movies from 2011

horse dreams
Growing up in Brooklyn, my friends and I had a favorite saturday afternoon  schedule. We would walk to the movie theatre on Avenue J. We would pay 50 cents and be treated to a double feature. I loved the action movies about Sinbad the Sailor. The titles were  The 7th Voyage , Golden Voyage ,  and  Eye of the Tiger. I loved being swept up by the adventures and technology of  these moviesProbably, the forerunners of Star wars and Space oddyssey, 2001.  Of course, my favorite  treat was a frozen milky way bar on a stick. No wonder, I had so many cavities as a kid.  Then we would go to the local pizza shop and pay 15 cents for a piece of pizza. We would walk home feeling very full and still replaying the afternoons adventures. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

back pain and taking it easy

turtle smelling flowers
My back has been very painful for the last couple of days. I tried taking a yoga class, healing meditations, additional supplements and finally a massage today. I kept waking up expectantly that the back pain would have disappeared. It has not happened. What  I finally decided to do upon the advice of the massage therapist was to take it easy. Why is it so hard to take it easy?
I try to do so many things to ease the pain but the simplest of all.
I know what the problem is. Taking it easy does not come naturally.