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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pixie had a spa day

beautiful wise pixie
We have had golden retrievers throughout our entire marriage. .For the first couple of  dogs, we did not take them for outside grooming. They tolerated   us grooming them and they even  looked pretty good.  However then Roxie came and we needed lots of help. Roxie had so much fur that we had to begin giving her puppy cuts so that she could tolerate the summer heat without hot spots. It was not easy finding a good groomer.

For example,  we found a groomer that was well recommended but the dogs did not like the place. Then we found another one and  we heard stories of poor treatment of the dogs. Then we found "Its a Miracle Dog Spa" in Lebanon , NJ.(It's a miracle dog spa) The staff is so kind and enthusiastic about the dog guests that  our dogs love going there. They always come home happy and gorgeous!
We took Pixie there today so that she could regain some of her good looks after her surgery. She was happy to see the staff again and she came home  with a beautiful  Halloween scarf around her neck and very hungry for her dinner.
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