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Friday, July 29, 2011

On a clear day, perhaps we can see forever

wise owl by Eric Labasz
Yesterday, July 28th felt like the curtains opened up and we were seeing what has always been. However, we have chosen not to see this reality for a very long time. I feels  as if we are ready to see what we have always thought of as the unbearable, the unspeakable, and  the unapproachable. Right now,  we are ready to see, feel, hear, know, sense who we truly are.

I have been really struggling to figure out how to attend a six day Ericksonian hypnosis  training in  Greenwich Village next week. It posed so many issues for me including: where do I stay, what do I eat, how do I manage to stay in one place for an  8 and 1/2  hour day of training , and how hot will it be etc. I was going crazy trying to figure this out during one of the busiest and hottest  times in NYC. I kept coming up with obstacles .  I  really wanted to do the
training and I  was sleepless for days trying to figure out how to do it with ease.

Then , I realized that I was swimming up river and perhaps could not do the training at all. I do   lapse into thinking that everything is black or white. . Either way of thinking was not a great comfort to me. I finally called the  training facilitator and there were actually  options. I can actually do two days of training next week and do the following four days  during the late fall. I completely missed this option on the website and drove myself crazy for weeks and weeks. All of the insurmountable options became doable and I was once again looking forward to the training. For me, the veil that I did not want to look at is how very very hard I make things for myself. I am inviting in ease and comfort into my future decision making. I really feel that things are hard enough right now without our adding to our own discomfort.
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