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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The shift and clinical hypnosis training

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I was in NYC  this past weekend for the fourth and final weekend of hypnosis training.  It has been an awesome experience!  The training has helped me open up to some totally new and different ways of healing.  After 30 years of healing and psychotherapy work, I am really ready to re-imagine what I do and create a new paradigm for myself.  When I first did healing work, I was a polarity therapy and massage practitioner in Berkley, CA.  It was a challenging time.  Those of us who were practicing alternative health techniques were against everything in those days and we felt that we could do everything.  I learned about freedom and being out of  the box during the 70's.

Monday, June 18, 2012

FAQ's about Past life regression and healing

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 A while ago, I wrote a popular blog entry called past life as a fairy. I am writing this blog to explain some of the reasons why past life regression is a helpful healing tool.

Why do a past life regression?
to solve a present life conundrum or puzzling situation. If you are very unhappy in a relationship and cannot leave, it is possible that it is an unresolved  past life attachment . Or  In one session a client  was a  very fearful passenger when his wife was driving.( BTW, she was a very good driver).  By going back into past life, he understood that fear  may have begun  as a result of a terrible accident  and was not from this lifetime at all. He then had an ah ha moment and the fear and anger began to weaken.