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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mental photographs

We just returned from England and our daughter's wedding.  It was an amazing time. As you can imagine traveling in the middle of winter has serious challenges. Before I left, I remembered saying that I wanted to recall everything from the trip and create  many special memories. I was able to do that by really focusing upon moments in time and taking a mental snapshot of it.  Just like photographs , we can take  a moment like the one below, we can mentally freeze the image in our minds.  The first time I thought about this was with my friend and art teacher Liz Adams. This was a few years ago and she had graciously agreed to see some of my art work while we had a picnic lunch in Princeton.  During the lunch, she said that this was a special time and she wanted to remember it always. By focusing on the moment it seems to slow time down, set the intention  and bring it vividly into recall. So here it is several years later and I can clearly remember that lunch. I  have practiced this mental photography many times since and used it again for the wedding festivities.  Try it, it works very well.
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