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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

meditation and things that we hate about ourselves

Everyone is complaining about the relentless snow and ice this winter, including me. It feels like we are asked to hibernate like the bears but we still need to work and do our take care of  daily life. How can we make the best use of this time . Probably not by blaming the snow and ice  Gods, or weather .com or even global warming. Since  hibernation is a slowing down of body function perhaps this is a time to slow down our thoughts and develop some compassion for ourselves and others. While watching a video of the Dalai Lama, last night, he talked about how easy it is to be compassionate for lovely people and events and how hard it is to be compassionate for what we hate about ourselves and others. In the following link, he talks about the use of meditation to  train our minds so that we can feel grace even towards  things that we hate.

The storm is starting to dissipate outside, my driveway looks like a gigantic slush runway and the sun is coming out. What we know is that the winter  will last for about 6-8  more weeks    with ample opportunities to practice compassion towards these difficult  weather events.
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