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Monday, February 7, 2011

Goat's cheese and English food

Goat’s cheese and English food.

Did you know that they refer to goat cheese as Goat’s cheese?  The English feel that it is disrespectful to the goat and the English language to call it goat cheese.  However one calls this cheese, I do love it.  At my daughter’s wedding, they used goat’s cream to make the cream sauce for the chicken entrée as well as a whipped cream for the dessert. The taste was fabulous.
I discovered that many of the restaurants that we went to in England were really very helpful when I disclosed that I had difficulty eating certain foods.  I stay away from wheat, corn, oats, tomatoes, white potatoes and sugar.  I have self diagnosed these food allergies and I feel much better when I don’t eat them. However, it can make eating out a food nightmare in many of the local restaurants here in NJ.  In England, in the five or six restaurants that we did eat at, the server or chef was knowledgeable and available to talk about the ingredients and guided me towards safer menu choices .  My favorite was the dessert after the wedding breakfast (that’s what they call the dinner after the ceremony, it’s the first meal the couple has together).  It was strawberry puree with whole strawberry pieces, topped with whipped goat’s cream and caramelized maple syrup served in a martini glass. Yum, Yum. 
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