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Monday, February 21, 2011

troubled teenagers

Pixie relaxing in her Subaru cave
  I have had  the good fortune to work with many teenagers who have struggled to join our world. They do not fit into the school system either in their classes, with  peers or  family. Everyday, they wake up and struggle to find meaning in their lives. When they cannot find authentic connections , they quickly turn to alcohol ,drugs, sex  and anger. From this vantage, they have sufficiently isolated themselves from any feeling and often pose a threat to self and others. As adults we   become afraid of them and then it really turns into a mess.They know we are afraid and then  everyone becomes terrified.

When we do not show fear but genuine interest, they are willing to begin the journey to meet us part way. I have found that many of these teens are  quite spiritual and interested in everything that relates to nature and spirit. They often see spirits, healing colors   and talk to  their animals. I allow and encourage these conversations so that they can express their true natures.  What they hate is when we deny our own true natures and pretend to be what we are not .  So I urge everyone that has teenagers in their lives to begin talking from the heart about the passions in their lives. Things may change dramatically and quickly.

 The following link is from a friend of mine, Kat Katsanis, an intuitive healer. She wrote an excellent article on being Indigo in this world titled, "Ferocious Grace".
"Since the 1990s, a new "famous" has emerged. This famous isn't associated with
magazines or record labels; it is derived, rather, from a widely recognized trait. The
famed, winning quality is spiritual intelligence. The "Indigo Children," who have been
dubbed so by pioneering metaphysical authors including Neale Donald Walsch and
Dr. Doreen Virtue, are an exceptional generation. One might term them a "vibrational
generation." Yet, what exactly, is a "vibrational generation?" And what are the
implications of having a leading-edge "vibrational generation" come into adulthood?"

For the rest of the article please click on the following link:
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