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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I dreamed of Badger

Often times, when I am percolating new ideas, I do not sleep very well. The nights are long and I can't wait to start moving around  in the morning. This was the case about two nights ago when  I dreamt about a badger. I had started thinking about a new way for my healing  work to proceed. I have been fantasizing about holding a Mystery school in the barn. A mystery school is ,succinctly put,  a school for "soul work". It is funny since I went to school for social work  . Maybe it is the precursor for some of us to get more involved in our own personal  journey. The night that I decided to do this different form of work. When I dreamt of a badger. I was sitting in my chair and I looking  out the window at a badger. He was quite friendly and  he was smiling in at me. It was lovely exchange. I thought about being afraid but then  let it go. The next day, I went on the internet and found out very interesting information about the badger.

"Those who choose to work with Badger when he/she appears  will find that they have less time for those things and activities that may have been nice on the scenic route yet now they find they really want to get the energy moving on goals and projects that have great long term value ". This is excerpted from the Morningstar medicine website link listed   .
We can call upon badger energy to recharge our own businesses and to get serious about leaving  the legacy that we wish to leave  to the next generations. Badger energy is relentless in digging to unearth the truth about all kinds of things.

Yes I feel like the badger is an excellent teacher for going ahead with my plans. I will talk more about the Mystery school idea in a future post.
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