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Sunday, January 9, 2011

These are my two nine year old golden retrievers , Roxie and pixie (left to right) Roxie was from a breeder and she was a very active puppy. In fact she was so active and so lonely as an only dog, we had to bring in another dog. We went through a golden retriever rescue org. in Pa. They have been best friends for seven years except for the food fights that they have.
Pixie has a fairly large mast cell tumor and she is really slowing down. It is hard to see and often wonder what they are thinking about. I do have an animal communicator, named Whitney Taylor, that I will talk to every three months or so. I have gotten some great perspectives on my dogs. I definitely get that they are very sensitive beings and often are much more aware of what is going on around them than the non dogs around them. In the past, they have thanked us for paying the mortgage so that they could play in a big yard. They have also alerted us when one of us is sick and may need medical care. And they have told us about their own aches and pains but usually they are just happy to talk and make us laugh.
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