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Sunday, January 16, 2011

animal communication

In previous posts, I talked about the value that my family places on communicating with our dogs, Pixie and Roxie. Sometimes, we do it spontaneously when we know that they are hungry or want to go for a walk or just need a grooming. When we need more specific information, than I usually call Whitney to ask my questions. I have found out that they do not like to talk to just any communicator. Like humans, they trust some people and not others. I have had one trusted and competent  animal communicator  quote our dogs as saying " We  are busy playing and do not wish to talk right now". She  tried four times and then gave up. While with others, they are very communicative except if it is dinner time.
Yesterday, I picked up  a book called " Animal Voices" by Dawn Baumann.  She writes beautifully  about animal intelligence and consciousness and its enormous potential for healing ourselves and our planet.  In the text, the author  quotes Trapper, who is  part  Siberian Husky and part Wolf ,saying  that
"Companion animals are a conduit, like a channel from God or All That Is to people through which unconditional love, enjoyment of  the present moment, joy and enthusiasm flow".
I don't think that Pixie or Roxie could have said it better.
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