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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweetness of life

For two nights in  a row, I have dreamt about yellow jacket bees.  One night the bees bit my fingers and would not let go. The next night, I used a bug spray to get rid of hundreds of bees in my Grandmothers kitchen. Needless to say, I don I like them very much. However, I  believe very strongly that dreams have important meanings for us.
I love my dreams. I like writing them down,, figuring out the meanings and then talking about them.When I lived in Berkeley, Ca in the 70's  . I had a wonderful friend, named Judith, who was also a dreamer. We would talk daily about our dreams and  their possible meanings.  I really do not like most bees and they make me  a bit skittish. However, I looked up the meaning of bees in the Ted Andrew's book called Animal Talk. He says that bees help us to remember that there is sweetness in everyday life. All bees are actually  honey bees and their legs sense whether there is honey in the flower. So my message is to look for sweetness all in all events. I just broke my second tooth in two weeks, this will be a challenge to find the sweetness in the dental work but therein lies the challenge.
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