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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowy Saturday and fairies

Fairy Tale by Signe Pike

Last May, I was visiting Omega for a week long class that I talked about in an earlier post. I love walking around the campus at night and enjoying the beautiful landscaping, the lake front and the night sky. It happened that one of the nights that I was there, there was a full moon. So instead of attending a program on classical Indian music, I decided to walk to the lake. True confession is that I have been asking to see fairies for a very long time and I am always on the look out for them . It is known that there are special places that fairies tend to hang out more frequently, ie. by shore lines, in deep woods and in and by trees. I took several photos of the moon light in the lake and noticed a rather large reflection of the moon in my camera. After I got back to my cabin, I realized that it was a fairy orb. You can make out the outline of a fairy inside the large orb. I was thrilled. So when I found the book, The Fairy Tale by Signe Pike, I was immediately attracted to her journey. She takes three months and follows the recommendations of the book "The Travellers Guide to Fairy Sites" written in 2004. It is a lovely dream that she made come true and then wrote about it. Maybe someday soon.......
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