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Friday, January 14, 2011

Heightened sensitivities and 2011

2011 has brought in lots of gifts and challenges . I know that I am stating the obvious but sometimes we need a bit of a poke to realize that.There are so many  people  talking about heightened sensitivities to smells, dreams,  spirits, feelings, visions etc. These awarenesses   can often  feel more like an annoyance than a gift.  I talked to someone today, who was very unhappy with her ability  to  smell everything so clearly, from flowers to garbage. She stated that she  had smells that connected her to family members  that had passed on many years ago. I looked up the meaning of   unusual ability and  it " is known as the gift of clairalience, or as ‘clairolfaction’ or ‘clairescence’. These interchangeable terms all mean the same thing, namely ‘clear smelling’."  This perosn  was not picking up a real odor but  rather a communication from another dimension, place or time.
She and I talked about  noticing the connections and spending time through meditation or quiet sitting focusing  upon   possible meanings. For this person, the smell was associated with her Grandmother and she realized that she had never said good bye to her. This awareness brought her peace and a focus for using her gifts. Like the turtle , we need to smell the flowers while looking upward for meaning.
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