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Friday, January 7, 2011

finally, I found my blog again!

I hate to admit this but I have a hard time finding my blog at times. Sometimes, I feel like there is a black hole on the internet and I simply lose things. Since, I have an hard enough time with technology, I just don't deal with it. As you can see I have ignored the blog writing since May and the groundhog eating the poppy event.
That was spring, and here it is winter. It is snowy and cold and the groundhog has been sleeping underground for quite awhile.
I have made myself a promise that I will blog daily so that I can overcome my fear of blogging. What do I fear? Well I fear talking about myself out loud. I fear that I do not have enough to say although that is truthfully ridiculous. I have a lot to say when I am interested. I have a fear that I will talk about crazy things that no one else is interested in. But that also has not been proven true yet.
So I will push through my fears and beginning writing. Tomorrow, I will talk about a new book that I was given by my Friend Jane, called Faery Tale by Signe Pike. It is delightful and chronicles one woman's search for magic and fairies. I dream about making a similar journey to fairy land.
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