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Friday, July 20, 2012

more on chakras and healing

healing  back pain
It was nice to have some feedback from the last blog about Chakras. I feel that the concept is so misunderstood here in the states. If we don't take yoga classes, then we can't work with the chakras. Not true at all. They are  simply another way of working with our energy system . I did the  chakra test and I was definitely lower in the lowest chakras.
I have been boosting them by using a few techniques that you might want to explore. The one that I do every morning is to take a tennis ball, preferrably one not chewed by Roxie our golden retriever, and roll your barefeet over it slowly . Since the points in the feet mirror the entire body( foot reflexology) then we are stimulating the pressure points and healing ourselves. When there is back pain, there tends to be soreness along the  outer edge of the big toe side of the arch.

I do this every morning while brushing my teeth. Yes, I am multi tasking and it works really well.
The other thing that helps low back pain is to step  barefoot outside in nature. Take a few minutes everyday and connect with the earth. The first chakra is attuned  and connected to mother earth.
Tomorrow, I will be  using a   chakra tattoo and I will let you know how it goes

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