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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Groundhog and Ho'opopono Healing

groundhog talks
I had a dream last night that ground hogs know not what they do. They just do it. I don't know whether a ground hog actually said it or I just heard it about them..... Either way, it certainly reminds me to stop  taking  things so  personally.   It is an expression that we hear all of the time and we still take the hurtful actions or words of others  to heart.

 How do we learn to do it differently?  If  we see everything in our world as a reflection of who we are than there is no room for blame and judgement. It is a big step to see the world this way. And  it is so  interesting that the dream came to me right after I began using the Hawaiian  healing prayer, Ho'oponono (  Hawaiian healing prayer )in my daily practice. This is a practice that asks us to  be 100% responsible for our lives.  By repeating the following four sentences to ourselves and to others, we can begin to master this state.
I am sorry
I forgive you
I thank you
I love you.
Try it and  you might  understand groundhogs a little bit better.
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