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Sunday, July 22, 2012

First chakra healing and tattoos

Sedona's   majestry
Tattoos are a very big thing these days. It no longer matters   what cohort you are form, everyone is getting tattoos. I have thought about it but I am not a big fan of additional pain. I already have enough pain due  to arthritis and back discomfort. However, temporary tattoos, I am willing to  try. I found these at temporary chakra tattoos. Vicki Howie created them with her son and they are quite beautiful. She is also quite helpful if you have any questions about how to use them.

After doing the chakra test that I mentioned in a previous blog and knowing  my own energy system, I put on the first chakra tattoo. This one has to do with establishing a sense of  security and safety in my life.
Although we may have the trappings of a safe home, we still  look at the news , worry about the future , our health and that sense of safety evaporates. I  feel comforted knowing that I am wearing the tattoo. I feel like I walk  on the earth with greater attention. 
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