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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The time is now and the power is you

groundhog seizing the poppy flower
I have been hearing these words in my head for the past few weeks. We have waited for many different things in our lives: the stock market to improve, the seasons to change, our children to grow up, the president to change,  or  to find the love of our lives. I believe that the time has come for us to do things right now. There is no longer time to wait for things or people to somehow find us. We cannot indulge in the fantasy that things will come to us easily if we just image them. I believe  that whatever dilemma is present in your lives, it is because there is some action for you to take .It is not a random event at all.

We have been mesmerized by stories about the Secret  and the power of positive thinking. It is not enough to just imagine things differently , we really need to create small noticeable  changes . Is is really hard to change the big things all at once but you can begin changing things incrementally.  If you are really unhappy in your job, then it is time to look clearly at what is true about your career path and ask for the  changes that would make you happier .  If you are repeating the same kinds of relationship errors then it is time to clean up your messes and ask for what you need. Every thing is an opportunity for shifting. The worst and the best of circumstances are perfectly orchestrated so that we can do the necessary work right now. Please believe in yourself, say what is true  right now and take the first step towards change.
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