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Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer vacation in Vermont

I had the absolute good fortune to be in Woodstock , Vermont for the past week. We have wonderful friends who co own a house in this beautiful town and Pixie and I were able to come here on vacation. I have never been  here before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The town is  very friendly to dogs and walkers. There are poop bags located all around the town, with trash receptacles right near them.The town is filled with all kinds of bridges, covered bridges for cars, walking bridges , etc. Pixie and I loved exploring all of the interesting corners of the town . It was so lovely to feel safe enough to just go off in any direction and feel that it was fine. I  often walk on the towpath along side of the  Delaware and Raritan canal, and there are times that I don"t feel safe. I truly appreciated this element of safety. While walking one day, I met a Woodstock native and she said that it was a fabulous place to bring up kids. They were able to play outside with a great deal of freedom. It was so nice to hear this.

It is  also possible to take your dog into stores  since many of the stores are run by both humans and their dogs. It was awesome. There was a great bookstore called Yankee books and there were three Bernese mountain dogs resting inside.
My vacation was lovely and I  am a bit apprehensive about reentry. As the french put it so well,  C'est comme ca  and it is what it is .Of course, I painted everyday and this is one of my watercolors. Enjoy.
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