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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Beaver Creativity

As I was walking along the canal yesterday, I saw a beaver swimming upstream for several minutes and then he disappeared into the water. Beavers can swim underwater for 15 minutes at a time.
When a beaver shows up, it means that it is time to create new structures in our lives while balancing our connections to  old and new family and friends. Truly significant for my life right now.

I am leaving all of my known monikers and creating what is to come. I am divorcing my husband, selling our home, and moving to an unknown destination.  All is beginning again. What if we can begin with a new template and not use the old templates or possibilities for relationships, homes and prosperity. What if all is possible when we are starting anew.

I, we, have probably started new life phases many times in the past and this is different.  We can  now create what we want and  not merely recreate what we think we had or wanted.

I would like to live in a world  where:
  1. healthy, whole food  is the norm and plentiful for all.
  2. everyone has access to  integrated health care that is focused on what is best for us and not business interests
  3. Education is focused on the whole child and children are viable partners in creating the curriculum...
   4. Relationships are shining examples of  respect, honesty  and genuine visible  caring.
   5.  Relationship with our earth and solar system is one of mutual respect and love.
    6. Resources are shared and fairly given to all.

What is your  future vision ?

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