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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chopping Carrots and Freedom

fox stillness

As human "doings", we are always on the move. How many times, have you looked back on your day and forgotten what you have done. Or you have come up with a long list of things that you can check off but do not feel very good about your accomplishments.   We busily speed through our day and then what?  We simply look forward to another exhausting day.....

Perhaps, we are so busy creating our future by ticking off a long checklist  to make sure that  our future is the way we want it. Yet it isn't very satisfying. We have money in the bank, a good job, an awesome car, lots of friends and yet we are still planning and figuring out what else we need.
What we are not doing is slowing down enough for our intuitive or knowing part of us to inform us. and help to create our future.   We are a moving target and often can only be slowed down with car accidents, major illnesses, great sorrows and tragedies.  How many people do you know that changed their lives after serious illness or tragedy?

Perhaps we can do it differently ,if we are conscious.  I would suggest that if we slowed down while we chopped up our carrots for our salads, walked our dog, washed the dishes then perhaps we could.  It sounds silly and simple and yet it is  profound.
Let's watch for opportunities to slow down, move into human "being" and observe the magic. We really only think that we know what is best for us and usually there is something so much better waiting around the corner.

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