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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Wish Is My Command

My wish is my command!!
Did you know that there is not one single entry that I could find for the link to  "My Wish Is My Command".

You can search the internet for anything and everything and there are always listings.  Its funny that this statement doesn't exist in the search engines.  And with these powerful words, we become the originators or creators of our lives.

Often instead of holding our own power, we seek out other people to tell us things about ourselves.  We seek out doctors, therapists, psychics, hairdressers, bartenders, friends, family and ask for their opinions.  We give away our power every time they tell us what to do and we don't question it.

What happened to our powerful sense of who we were.  As kids, we used to listen to fairy tales about  the  power of creation. There was the genie in the bottle,  the  enchanted fairy godmother and the kisses that turned frogs into princesses. We  have forgotten that we could do these things for ourselves. We have been taught over and over that we need others to make us well.
Indeed, we do not.

My wish is my command. What is yours?
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