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Monday, August 29, 2016

Seeing Fairies

tree fairy
Do you know that there are fairies or elementals wherever we are. It simply takes looking for them.

If you really want to see a fairy, take a walk in your favorite woods or by a lake. Take a moment, quiet down and find a tree. At first, simply look in the knots of the tree or look in the water and keep your eyes soft.

If we keep our vision sharp then we will miss seeing them. If we ask for our vision to soften then it happens. Sometimes it is that easy.

They are all different and do not necessarily look like the fairy tale pictures. Of course, I really believe that they come to us in the way that we can see them. So if you believe that they should look a certain way, perhaps that is what you will see. After awhile, you can see them in the leaves, in the bark, the flowers  and who knows where else.

This is what I saw today in Colonial Park, NJ  in trees that were over 100 years old.

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