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Sunday, August 7, 2016


Have you been feeling that the present is all we have,
the past is no long retrievable and the future has not yet appeared?  It sounds like the preface to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I remember reading this book years ago and nodding my head as though I understood what he was saying. Yes, of  course, I must be in the present to change my life, access spiritual enlightenment etc. Truthfully, I only had a mental understanding of what he was talking about. Ahhhh now, it is different.
I am very aware that I cannot go back to the past nor do I want to.
The present can be very uncomfortable whether it is emotional, physical or  mental discomfort.


OMG this is challenging.  Everyone of us is struggling with inner and outer chaos. I don't believe that anyone is escaping it. We can lay blame to others, whether people or events. Or we can see that we have created it all  We are not the victims. If we see ourselves as the victims, then nothing can be done. If we see ourselves as having created our worlds, then we can change it. Uncomfortable as it seems, it is a  joyous place to create changes.

What would you do for  yourself today?

PS This image  is painted on a t-shirt . Hence the different look.........
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