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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The New Earth

New Earth Talks
There is a fabulous PBS series called  Earth- A New Wild. Dr. Sanjayan, a conservation scientist, explores 29 countries and describes how we are already healing our planet. He adds humans into the equation and  shows the ways we have begun working cooperatively with nature.   Yes we have been the problem and yes we can be the solution. The earth is sustainable and "resourceable" if we give it a chance.

What if we are already creating multiple microcosms of new beginnings. What if we are already creating a new life that includes living harmoniously and peacefully with ourselves, the animals and our eco system. What if we focused more upon what has already healed than we would have more optimism for our future. It is possible. Check out the series, it is a visual treasure that gives me even more hope for our future.
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