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Friday, April 10, 2015

What Would The Fairies Say or WWFS

Faery Magic
Are you doing everything that you can do and still feeling like nothing has changed?

STOP all that you are doing. If your life is filled with detoxes, affirmations,  and self help books and you are still exhausted then you are doing too much.

Maybe it is simpler than you can imagine.
I  imagine that the fairies would say keep it simple and honest. During the past life regression as a fairy, I remember feeling that humans were awfully dishonest. It was heartbreaking to experience.
Say or do one small truth a day .
So today you might say I am going to really enjoy my chocolate.
Tomorrow, I will say no to the favor for my friend and do something nice for myself.
The next day, I am going to savor my chocolate...

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