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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Next Step- Creating New Stories

 New Frog Cup
This is a follow up to the the most recent post. How do we create new stories that are true stories? We are good at creating false stories that we would like to be true but it is challenging to create an authentic new story.

I suggest that you notice one thing  that you are doing differently each day and then share it with a designated someone, i.e.  partner, friend, sibling, workmate, etc.
For example -
I notice that I was able to tell my partner, that I don't like scary movies and then suggest an alternative movie that works.
Or I am able to know when a painting is finished and really enjoy it.
Or I am able to tell my daughter that I am sorry for not following up with a promise. Then  I follow through with  the  promise.
Or, Or, Or........
The thing is to intentionally do things differently and then begin to notice that you are. At this point, it is important say it out loud to someone else.

It is easy and it is complicated. It is whatever you make it out to be.  Do one small thing differently and see how it feels to savor it.
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