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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What do we do when everything falls apart?

We are moving into new ways of living. We cannot even pretend any more that things are working. Everywhere, we look we see change.  So if things need to change and the changes have not come in yet, what do we do in the meantime. We sit with ourselves and ask what is the next small step?
The next small step might be to take a nap. It might be to eat chocolate instead of broccoli.

There are so many books and  media articles telling us what to do.
If you can't sleep, do this,
 if you are overweight, etc.

We are reduced down to lists. I hate that we feel that we can be understood by a list.

Perhaps, what is truly  helpful is already inside of us. We have been listening to everyone else for so long that there isn't anything new out there.  Maybe that is why the Ted Talks are so popular. The talks  are personal stories about what is important for the narrator.

I propose that we each give our own Ted talks.....

What I learned plowing snowy driveways in the middle of the night?
What I learned while working at Walmart?
 Or what I learned as an amazing human being who sees her/his own value?

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