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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Living in a new World

expanded awareness
It is certainly challenging to speak about things that have no words . It is challenging to feel things that we have not been given permission to talk about.  We have all experienced  so many miracles. We understand them by saying that it was simply luck or hard work. Perhaps it is so much more than that.........

We have hard wired into our brains that anything that doesn't make sense,  either doesn't exist and or we have a rational explanation for it.
It is so "crazy" seeing the  world this way. In my role as psychotherapist, I use many different techniques to help bring magic into our talks. Often, after initial hesitation, people are very willing to look at things differently.
There are so many different ways to access magic in your daily life..
I use animal and sacred geometry cards, essential oils, tapping, hypnosis and integration of the unconsciousness mind, creative arts, journalling, crystals, visualizations and music. All of these techniques help us to step out of the rational mind and bring us into expanded seeing. When you find yourself judging someone or  something in your life, then it is time to start opening up your world.
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