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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mean Girls?

frog thinking
There has been a lot  of coverage in the news media about mean girls. I am a very disturbed by that. I wonder if it is fair to blame the issue of meanness on just girls. .....I see a great deal of meanness all over the planet right now. I see women and girls being brutally assaulted. I also see men and boys being brutalized. So what is going on.

I feel that we have not raised our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to tell the truth. When we withhold the truth for generations, then our behavior becomes distorted. When we tell our girl children to be caretakers for their brothers and fathers whether they want to or not. Or when we tell them that  their intrinsic worth is determined  by what they do for others and not what they do for themselves.  Or when we tell them that they are not enough but must keep doing more and more.
And when we tell our sons and grandsons that they must not cry and be vulnerable. That they need to be taken care of because they are emotionally limited. Or when we tell our sons that their only true worth is making money and being physically and emotionally  strong.

 If we deny our true nature of authenticity and doing what feels right to us then we become mean. What else can we do?

I propose that we begin today by telling the truth and doing what makes us feel good.Taking small steps for ourselves is actually healing.
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