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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stop, Wakeup and Love Yourself Again

Self love
Are there times that you would simply like to run away?
Would you prefer to stay under the covers rather than wake up in the morning?
Are you more excited about your dreams than what is actually happening in your life?

Today, I could answer yes to all three of these questions. Sometimes, I do feel that my night time is much more interesting than the day time. Sometimes, it is a struggle to wake up and face whatever the day will bring......

I don't really have an easy answer to this. Except that I will wake up and face my day the best way that I can. The consequences for not facing the day usually create more difficulties.

I don't feel that this is tough love. Instead, I feel that it is about genuine self love. Loving myself for doing the best that I can. Every day making a choice to love myself yet again.

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