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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Walking on Land- Charlie after FHO surgery

Charlie Healing
We have a  handsome 19 month old golden retriever named Charlie.  He is an awesome dog. He recently had surgery for hip dysplasia . He was very young to display these symptoms and we are grateful to his trainer, Kristian Hammermueller Trainer ,  who identified his inability to jump into the car as hip dysplasia.  We were so reluctant to go through with the surgery for so many reasons. We did it on February 12th and he is healing really well.
There were a few things that were extremely helpful to us for both pre and post surgery that might be of use and interest to others.

1. We used an animal communicator, Whitney Taylor, animal communicator, to connect with Charlie before the surgery.  She connects via telephone. You can have a conversation easily with your animal friend . Whitney is a lovely, talented woman who connects easily with animals. She told Charlie about the surgery and how long the recovery would be. He replied that he already knew about it. He wanted  the surgery to be over with since the waiting was the worst part. He felt that the recovery would be easy and he was ready. Then Whitney said that he would be feeling much better when spring came and all of the snow was gone. It is important to use pictures and feelings in the communications.
We also talked about using custom made pjs that would keep him warm. He said that he was not sure about that but if we put them on slowly, he would try them. And he did.
2. We found an amazing harness to help support his hips while walking him. It is called the tush harness and it works so much better than a  rolled up towel. It is found at tush harness.
3. Pet health Insurance is the third big thing that was helpful. We had never gotten insurance before for our dogs but felt that it was time. When he was a puppy, he ate the cement between the paving stones and ended up in the hospital. So we bought the insurance and were so grateful.  We purchased If only our health insurance was as prompt and courteous as this company is. We received our check covering 90% of the surgery within 10 days of submitting the bill.

Charlie is healing well and dreaming about running after tennis balls this spring.
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