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Monday, January 26, 2015

Caretakers v. Nurturers

Fairy Mouse
The biggest thing that I have learned on my spiritual retreat is the difference between being a caretaker and a nurturer. Like most women, I have been encouraged to take care of everyone around me. I remember doing this even as a young child. If I knew that something would make my family and friends feel better, I would generally do it for them without being asked. However, both men and women, have assumed the caretaker role for ages. We may do it in different ways.......

A caretaker  takes care of others.
A Nurturer takes care of oneself.

The words seems effortless however it is not  easy to decide what path you choose to take.
When we are ruled by shoulds which generally  come from our mind, the caretaker route becomes the go to activity.

When we allow our hearts to rule, then the nurturer route becomes effortless.

Sometimes, the clues to being a gold starred caretaker come from  being described as perfect and too nice. Also, you may feel resentful and angry that nobody notices how much you do and no one does nice things for you.  Or you may have chronic health or relationship problems. We generally have an amazing feedback system in our lives when things need to be readjusted.

Which one are you?

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